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New case for AmigaOne A1222

Since I received my AmigaOne A1222 it has had a temporary home in my Sam 460 tower case, but that was never the final location planned. I needed a new case for the A1222 and recently I came across a very cool Mini-ITX case that I believe suits the A1222. The case is a In Win H-Frame Mini-ITX, and It arrived this week. Build time!

The case came in a neat box, and given how small it is, it is not your average pc case box:

On opening the case I was greeted with the glass panel for the case, carefully positioned to avoid damage, the manual and tools and accessories to build the case:

Once free of the packaging, the case looks great and very small:

The panel covering both sides of the case are removable by unscrewing the four hex screws holding them in, which look rather nice in my opinion:

The case itself is thermal material designed to direct heat away from the case, and it does this with a design that means it is quite an open case, which makes it look very different from the usual case…

Google Drive for AmigaOS4.1 on X1000

Today I want to take a look at the recently released Google Drive for AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition. I decided to try this out on the X1000.

For those not familiar, Google Drive is a cloud based file storage solution for saving/retrieving/sharing of files from the internet to/from any computer that runs the Google Drive application, including smartphones like iPhone/Android, iPads, Windows PC, Mac OS X computers and more.

Recently there has been releases for Google Drive for MorphOS and AmigaOS 3.x systems, and finally we now have Google Drive for AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition! The author of this program is Norbert Kett. You can download the program from here.

The program requires registration of 10 Euro to the author (see the readme in the archive for details) to unlock all the functionality. I decided to try it out as it is provided on Aminet here, to make sure it works well. I am pleased to say it does!

The archive contents is below - note that there is no installer so I extract to RAM fir…

MIST Minimig AGA system has arrived!

This week I received my MIST system. This system can emulate Classic Amiga AGA system in FPGA (along with other systems like Atari ST, C64, CPC and more). I was very keen to try out the first FPGA Amiga 1200 AGA compatible system!

I got the MIST system from, located in Spain. The MIST is actually made by Lotharek in Poland, the same guy who makes the Furia A600 Accelerator and HxC floppy emulator cards for Classic Amiga systems.

In the case of the Classic Amiga, MIST uses the MiniMIG AGA core to run as an Amiga 1200 AGA system. Until now I have used the original MiniMIG 1.1 ECS system. Here are the two systems (MIST and Minimig) side by side:

Here are some close ups of the MIST system I received:

Like the original MiniMIG, the MIST has two Amiga joystick ports for plugging in Classic Amiga Joysticks.

On the other side are two MIDI ports for the Atari ST core FPGA implementation which also runs on this system.

On the front is three activity lights, an SD Card slot and thr…