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Vampire 500 V2 Part 2

This past week has been very busy working on the Vampire 500 V2 build on my Amiga 2000! This is Part 2 of this installation, and is also my last blog post for 2016.

In case you missed it, the first part is here if you want to catch up, as I am just continuing from where I left off in that part.
I decided to install the recently released NetSurf 3.6 on the Amiga 2000, to take advantage of the extra memory and speed to run what normally is a very slow web browser on the Classic Amiga. I am pleased to report it does work much nicer with the Vampire. Not as fast as AWeb, and some sites are still very slow to load, but it is getting better.

I found I had to run it in Full screen to get it work properly.
Next up was installing Wordworth 7, which looks great runs within the Workbench screen (although you can run it on a separate screen if you want to of course):

I also installed GoldEd IDE (which I purchased a few years back and is still available for purchase) as my replacement editor, as …