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AmigaOS4.1 Games released and holiday

Today I thought some quick updates on some new AmigaOS4.1 game releases - Quake 2 High Definition Edition from HunoPPC on AmigaOS4.1 with Warp3D, The Secrets of Middle City Demo Version, and more.

First, a look at a upgraded Quake2 High Definition release from HunoPPC for AmigaOS4.1, which was quietly released recently.

It definitely improves the look of Quake 2 on AmigaOS4.1 with higher HD resolutions, but of course you need to have Warp3D working on your system.

You can download the 400MB+ archive from HunoPPC's website here. You also need to copy some of the original Quake2 files from your original Quake 2 CD. The instructions on HunoPPC's website explain which file to copy where.

On the Sam460CR I find that running the game in 1024x768 gives the best results, but I am sure on an X1000 I could run much higher resolutions. Here is the title screen:

Video options screen:

Of course, I need some in game screenshots to show the game off. Here are some screenshots in the game to …