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Adelaide Amiga 30 Meeting Report

On Monday May 25th from 7:30pm we had the Adelaide Amiga 30 Meeting, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Amiga in Adelaide! This was hosted by the Adelaide Amiga User Group at Clarence Park Community Centre.

With the introduction of the Adelaide Retro Computing website to promote the event, as well as promotion via and Retrospekt (who sent three members to our gathering tonight), we had a full room and lots of people and lots of Amigas on show!

There really was a lot of interest in the Next Gen Amigas I brought to the meeting, Sam 460CR running AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition, Powerbook G4 running MorphOS 3.8 as well as the CDTV running music, and booting games and demo disks from the Gotek Floppy drive emulator during the evening:

Of course there were other Amigas on display too, with plenty of interest too:

Amiga 3000 on display here, in need of some work though:

An Amiga 1200 as well - Plenty of Strider and Turrican 3 was played on this machine tonight.

An Amiga 4000, Amiga…

Gotek using External floppy cable on CDTV

Interesting thing I bought recently on Ebay is a external Amiga floppy disk connector plus cable with integrated floppy drive power supply that can be used to connect a Gotek floppy drive emulator to an Amiga!

For those with Classic Amigas with Workbench 2.0 and above, this is excellent as it means you don't have to open your case up to install the Gotek - it simply plugs into the external floppy drive port and choose to boot from this device in the Early startup menu.

I previously showed the Gotek hooked up to my Amiga 600 and Amiga 1000 using the internal floppy drive connector - opening the case and going into some detail on the operation of the Gotek so I won't repeat myself again here - click the Amiga 600 and Amiga 1000 links for more info!

But today, I am using the external connector on the CDTV to use the Gotek! This is because, unique to the CDTV, the external floppy drive IS DF0 and bootable on Workbench 1.3 without modification internally!

Here is the Gotek drive wi…

Dual Boot AmigaOS 4.1 FE and MorphOS 3.8 on Sam 460CR

I finally got it working - Dual Boot AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition and MorphOS 3.8 now running on my Sam 460CR!

Above is the AmigaOS4.1 Final Edition running on the Sam 460CR, showing the MorphOS partition and Data partitions used by MorphOS. (Click to expand any pictures)

Below is the MorphOS 3.8 running on the Sam 460CR off the partitions shown above (MorphOS can't see the AmigaOS 4.1 SFS2 partitions):

The secret to getting this working was a tip off on the Amiga forums by Kyle (here) on how to boot from SDCard on the Sam460CR, in combination with the latest Sam 460CR/EX 2015-A firmware from ACube (shown in this blog here), which removes the 2GB restriction on SD Cards...It means I can install MorphOS 3.8 onto a large SDCard!

To get this working I opened the Sam 460CR case and installed a 64GB SDXC Card (stock standard - brand new):

The SDCard slot on the Sam 460 is mounted on the back of the board itself - here is the SDCard installed and ready to start work on it:

I first booted i…