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Codebench and Hollywood on X1000

I am the first to admit that I am not a programmer. But it is good to know that AmigaOS4 has many different ways to program applications for it in 2014. I wanted to draw attention to two of those options - Codebench and Hollywood.

First up is Codebench, which exists in an AmigaOS4 SDK version and Hollywood version. This allows developers to use a modern IDE to manage projects, synchronise code with internet based respositories and more. Codebench can be downloaded from their website here, and it is currently free.

At the annual AmiWest Amiga show in the USA, they now hold a 2 day programming seminar covering programming topics for AmigaOS4, focusing on the use of Codebench as the programming environment. The training sessions from AmiWest are all online on the AmigaOS4 Wiki website here (including some videos).

This makes Codebench a logical place to start for many people, but keep in mind C is not an easy language to learn if you are new to programming - the good news is there are ot…