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Kryoflux on X1000 and A4000T

Today I wanted to take a look at the fantastic Kryoflux device, which now works under AmigaOS4 on the X1000.

So what is Kryoflux? Basically it is a USB device that allows you to read/write floppy disk images to a real floppy disk, using a floppy disk drive connected to it. (you can read more about it here).

What makes it special for Amiga users, and more useful than the Catweasel I already use on the X1000, is the ability to write out IPF Classic Amiga disks, which are protected Classic Amiga disk images of original games. These cannot be copied using normal Amiga disk copy methods, but the Kryoflux can read the raw image out directly from the original Amiga floppy disk, which can then be converted to IPF and rewritten to blank floppy disks to provide a backup.

For disks that are now up to 30 years old, this is a blessing as original protected Amiga games disks can be backed up using the Kryoflux.

In addition to IPF, the Kryoflux can write out ADF disks too, and also images of C64 dis…

Filesysbox NTFS with SATA HD on X1000 - Part 2

Today I continue my look at Filesysbox NTFS with SATA HD on the X1000. In this 2nd Part, I look at the Ubuntu side after swapping my new NTFS hard disk as the new AmigaOS hard disk.

If you haven't read Part 1, I recommend you do so here first.

This Part 2 continues straight on from Part 1, where I was copying my files to the new NTFS volumes on the 1TB hard disk set up in Part 1.

With the new 1TB Hard disk prepared with two AmigaOS4 partitions, one small boot partition, and all files copied across to the new NTFS Music and partitions, I then powered off the X1000, and swapped the Amiga hard disk supplied by AmigaKit with the new Hard disk.

It is important that the new disk is swapped with the original AmigaOS hard disk, as the CFE expects to autoboot the hard disk connected to that SATA port ONLY.

It is of course possible to boot AmigaOS4 off of another SATA port on the X1000, but it will not boot it by default. In that case you would also need to setup a menu item in the CFE and …