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Filesysbox NTFS with SATA HD on X1000 - Part 1

Today I wanted to take a look at the recently released Filesysbox NTFS support on AmigaOS4.1 on the AmigaOne X1000, available via AmiUpdate.

I plan to install a new 1TB SATA hard disk into the X1000, prepare the new NTFS partitions and fix up my AmigaOS system partition sizes at the same time.

The point of using NTFS partitions for me is that they can be read from Ubuntu and AmigaOS4, meaning that instead of having all my pictures, music and mods duplicated on two different disks (and having to update both everytime they change), I can use one partition both systems can access!

In Part 1, I will look at the AmigaOS4 side including prepping the NTFS partitions in AmigaOS4.

Next in Part 2, I will look at the swap over of the AmigaOS4 disks and the Ubuntu side accessing the new NTFS disk partitions.

One problem I hit quickly is there was not enough SATA power connections in the X1000 for another SATA Hard Disk.

Fortunately there are plenty of molex power connectors in the X1000, so I bo…

iPod Nano on X1000

One of things I was curious about in recent times is whether you could connect a current generation iPod Nano to the AmigaOne X1000 to copy songs from and to it - and yes, it can.

There is of course some work to do before this will work though - how much depends on whether you use your iPod on a Mac or PC, and whether it is enabled for disk use or not.

In my case, I use it on a Mac and it was not enabled for disk use either. This means it won't work as is on the X1000. If you plug it in as a Mac disk on the X1000, it is picked up in USB but is not displayed as an icon on the desktop (click to expand):

The Mount commodity (accessible from CTRL-ALT-M) allows us to see the iPod is mounted as USB0: but the filesystem is not recognised:

I tried going to it from the Shell but no go:

So, to fix this I needed to connect it to iTunes on a Windows PC and restore the iPod firmware to Windows and enable disk use. If you already use your iPod on a Windows PC then you don't need to do this …

A-Eon Ubuntu Remix on X1000 - Part 2

Today I am continuing my look at Ubuntu Remix released by A-Eon for the AmigaOne X1000,  in this part 2 I am focusing on the installation of Ubuntu onto the X1000.

If you missed Part 1 of my coverage of running the Ubuntu Remix Live DVD, you can read it here.

Before you install Ubuntu Remix onto your X1000, it is important to prepare a CF card and (in my case) a separate HD to run Ubuntu.

Your CFE BIOS also needs to be updated if you are one of the "First Contact" X1000 owners who has never updated the CFE since purchase. Mine has already been updated previously - A-Eon has a full guide on how to do this process on their website for registered X1000 owners to download.

The CF Card preparation for linux was not covered in the install guide for the Ubuntu Remix, which was annoying as it is an essential part of the installation process. I have covered this part in some detail here to help other people who may encounter the same issue.

My Hard disk is a 1TB SATA disk, which I mo…