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Installing Qt 4.7 Quickfix 7 on X1000

I noticed today that there is a patched release of Qt called Quickfix 7 now available. I wanted to show how to install this on the X1000, as there were no instructions on how to do it in the archive.

You can download Qt Quickfix 7 from here. It includes a number of bug fixes to the original Qt 4.7 released on I did another blog entry covering the installation of the original Qt 4.7 program here.

Once the qt-quickfix7.lha file is downloaded, when you open the archive you will see the 3 new Qt lib .so files below:

So, where do they go? There is no readme to explain this!

In the Qt-4.7 folder from your Qt installation from you should already have installed (see here, right click on the folder window, highlight Show and select All Files. You should now see the lib folder unhidden as below:

If we open this lib folder, we can now see the old versions of the Qt lib files we need to patch here:

So, going back to the UnArc program, extract to work:qt-4.7/lib

Small OS Updates on X1000

Today I went to run AmiUpdate (it has been a few months since I did this) and found 12 updates to install! Looks like the AmigaOS developers have been busy!

Normally I would just let the update run without paying too much attention, but given the number of updates I thought I would take a quick look at what was being updated in some of the updates. Intuition.library:

Looks like some small additional functionality added.


This looks like the first asl.library update in over 2 years...

System Kernel:

The kernel update (last update was 10 months via Update 6) is the most interesting, although most of the performance improvement updates look like they apply to AmigaOne Sam 460ex systems rather than the X1000.


Looks like this fixes a bug when setting an incorrect date in the X1000 CFE or Sam firmware? Not sure if this applies to all AmigaOne firmware..


Just a Bug fix.

DOS list command receives first update in over 5 years, fixing large file …

DOpus 5.9 Magellan II BETA on X1000

I was reading on forum the other day and discovered an interesting thread on a BETA version of DOpus 5.9 Magellan II for AmigaOS4. Even though it is still in beta, I just had to try this out on my X1000!

DOpus 5.82 Magellan II (Directory Opus) was originally released on the Classic AmigaOS 3.1 back in the late 1990's by Australian developers GP Soft. I bought it back then and used it extensively on my A1200 and later my A4000.

It was subsequently updated to support AmigaOS3.5 (and 3.9) icon changes, which was really needed when I migrated to AmigaOS3.9.

Since then it hasn't been updated on Classic Amiga as the GP Soft team left the Amiga market and moved Directory Opus to Windows in the early 2000's - I still run Directory Opus (now version 10) on my Windows 7 PC today too. It has changed a lot since then, as you can see below (click to expand)...

An older version of DOpus (Version 4) was open sourced by GP Soft and an AmigaOS4 port was quickly done in the…