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1st Anniversary of X1000

It has been just over one year since I received my X1000 as part of the First Contact release. It has been a lot of fun trying out and blogging about lots of different hardware and software on it during that time!

I had hoped to do something a bit more substantial on this blog for the 1st anniversary but unfortunately I have been up to my neck in work recently and had no free time to do it - sorry!

My X1000 is currently awaiting a suitable compatible wifi card to try out the new Atheros 5000 driver recently released! I am keen to try it out once I have time to source a card.

I have a CatWeasel 2 card (brand new, never used for the last few years) for reading floppies as well, and I was keen to try it out on the X1000, but it looks like it needs a special cable to connect it to the IDE connector on the X1000 and some newer drivers from AmigaKit to use it too. Unfortunately AmigaKit appears to only sell them as a bundle with the Catweasel, and I only need the drivers and the cable...I m…

Giga Lo Mania on X1000

Today I also wanted to take a look at a recently released game called Giga Lo Mania, based on the classic Mega Lo Mania. It is ported to AmigaOS4 by Kas1e.

For those who remember, Mega Lo Mania was a popular game for the Classic Amiga, released way back in the early 1990's. I loved playing the game, and still play it often under emulation on the X1000, as below:

The wonderful UK voice samples "The design is ready", "We've advanced a tech level", "Tower critical", "It's all over" and many others would be all too familiar for those who have played Mega Lo Mania! :-)

Giga Lo Mania, like the original, is a classic strategy game in the style of Populous, but more combat focused, based on improving your tech level and resources to advance your population to later eras, inventing tools and weapons that allow you to form stronger armies and castles to beat your enemies.

It is free to download the game from There is some mor…

Ranger on X1000

Today I decided to take a look at an utility which I have overlooked since getting my X1000, because I had no idea what it is was - the utility is called Ranger.

Ranger is included with AmigaOS4.1 and is written by Steven Solie. It provides a very detailed informational view of the internals of the AmigaOne X1000 hardware and also the AmigaOS4.1.6 running system information. (reminds me of System Information program under Windows XP/7)

Ranger itself as included in AmigaOS4 is a few years old now (2010), so I guess it was written for the previous AmigaOne hardware like the SAM440/460 series of AmigaOne system hardware, but it is still relevant for the X1000 too.

UPDATE: There is an updated version of Ranger available on (I was told after this blog entry was published!) and it is being actively updated!
Looking first at the hardware information, Above in the first screenshot you can see the Hardware information tab which shows the cpu, machine type, bus speed and memory siz…