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FastCompress 1.4 on X1000

Today I wanted to take a look at FastCompress 1.4, a recently released utility for AmigaOS4.

FastCompress is a utility written by Guillaume 'zzd10h' Boesel and is available for free on . The utility allows you to right click on a folder, file (or multiple of each) and then select to compress the selection to a LHA, LZX, ZIP or 7ZIP compressed file, automatically named.

This right click to compress to ZIP functionality is very familiar for Windows owners, but until now was not on AmigaOS4. I previously used a utility called Cranu to do this compression jobs via a GUI but was nowhere near as efficient.

Before you install FastCompress, it is important to install MUI NList.mcc (I already had this installed but it is available to download from if you need it).

In addition, Fast Compress also needs a separate piece of software called png_im, which is also available on . I didn't have this so I downloaded it! Once downloaded, I extr…

Dual Displays on X1000

As regular followers of my blog will know, I have a dual video card setup on my AmigaOne X1000 - a Radeon 9250 PCI and the Radeon HD card included in the X1000. The 9250 card is used to play games that require hardware 3D acceleration until the Radeon HD 3D hardware drivers are available.

However, until now I have had to feed VGA and DVI connections to one display and switch modes on the monitor....but no longer (click to expand):

As shown above I can now run my RunInUAE WHDLoad and Amiga system emulations (Amiga 2000 in this case) on one screen, and the usual AmigaOS 4.1.6 workbench on the other. Very Happy - no more switching on one monitor!

The screens in question that I bought are two LG 24" LED screens with DVI, VGA and HDMI inputs, which I picked up from local electronics retailer JB Hifi today for AUD$198 each.

I also now run AmiCygnix 1.3 on one screen and the AmigaOS 4.1.6 on the other. This is very convenient for referencing something in AmiCygnix while using the workb…

AmiVNC4 on X1000

Today I wanted to take a look at AMIVNC4 on my AmigaOne X1000.

AmiVNC is an AmigaOS4 port of the popular VNC Server software which allows you to view what is happening on the desktop of a computer from a different computer.

It is available to download from, under the Utilities heading:

I downloaded it and extracted it to System:Utilities

Reading the release notes that come with it, I found there is a workbench icon for AmiVNC but most of it's functionality exists in the command line version of the program. So I will focus on this.

First I ran amivnc4 -h from the Shell to see the available options. There are quite a few:

First things first - let's set a password to ensure a secure session - for testing purposes let's use 'secret':

This now saves the password and exits the program. It is not needed to enter this parameter again unless you want to change the password.

Next, let's setup AmiVNC verbose mode (-v) so we can see what is happening and…